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Pure tastier and mouth-watering original Iruttu Kadai halwa now to your doorsteps.We Source halwa from Iruttu Kadai shop and send to our customers.100% Pure Veg.Ingredients: Wheat Milk, GheeProduct life: 25 days without refrigerating.

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This Delicious Ghee Halwa is made with Nutty and crunchy added cashew nuts mixed with extra pure ghee makes mouth-watering.Ingredients: Wheat Milk, Pure Ghee, Sugar, Water, cashew nuts.Product life: 25 days without refrigerating.Instructions: After receiving the product heat the halwa at low temperature for 5 min. This would make the Halwa fresh

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Tirunelveli Halwa is the most favorite sweet in south India. variety of halwa available in India but none of the halwa can give the taste of Tirunelveli halwa.The secret of Tirunelveli halwa is Thamirabharani river water, it contains copper. Ingredients: Wheat Milk, Pure Ghee, Sugar, Water, cashew nuts.Product life: 25 days without refrigerating.

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